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“I want the interiors to tell a story, spark conversation & create a sense of joy.”

Brett Dampier is an interior designer servicing the Bay Area, North Idaho & beyond.  Her signature style consists of a mix of natural textures and layered patterns, a neutral palette & a sprinkling of vintage furnishings that create considered, transitional interiors. 


Brett graduated with a Bachelor degree in Psychology  from UC Berkeley and a Masters in Interior Architecture from Academy of Art in San Francisco. She built her career at award winning, international hospitality design firm, AvroKO, creating restaurants & hotels around the world as a lead designer & project manager before branching out on her own in residential design in San Francisco, specializing in historic renovations.


On how she discovered her love of design Brett says: 


“When I was a child, I wanted to be a waitress. I loved setting the table, having great food, & creating a memorable experience for others. Not a lot has changed in this regard, except, perhaps, my definition of what I wanted to be. As I grew older, I realized design and creating a sense of home was the career path that would be the intersection of my various passions.”

She is particularly interested in the psychology of space and the intersection between holistic design, integrating the senses, employing methods of feng shui, astrology, and clean living to live your best life.



We are storytellers and it’s what makes our approach unique. Creating interesting narratives that inform the design is the key to developing an outstanding project. Our inspiration comes from both the client & the project itself. We spend time getting to know our clients’ vision, what is important to them and how they want to live. We want to create a space that truly reflects their values and feels deeply personal. We take inspiration from the history and architecture of the building and weave our client’s story into the design. The result: curated interiors that are cozy, inviting & feel like home.



Our goal is to create interiors that inspire a space for togetherness, full of rich relationships and warm hospitality. Our version of luxury is one where you immediately feel comfortable and reflects who you are. We achieve this through the use of quality materials that patina gracefully, through a mindful & considered approach to decoration employing objects that tell a story & through the principles of integrative, holistic design: using the effect of light, shadow & smell to influence the psyche. We look for spaces to create magic: a window seat where you’ll be curled up with your favorite book, a kitchen island you’ll gather around to share nourishing meals with your friends and family, a secret, fantastical nook where your children will create lasting memories. We are passionte about creating environments where you can live well in all regards: from choosing healthy building materials to creating the space to enjoy life’s simple pleasures together. We believe design is more than just creating a beautiful space; your environment has a profound effect on your whole being.





We offer hourly consultation packages for clients who need assistance with material sourcing, floor plan reviews or design and construction related questions but do not need a full service designer.


We offer comprehensive design services for full and partial remodels including:

- Floor plans & elevations

- Lighting design & selection

- Finish & material selection

- Custom cabinetry design

- Furniture selection & procurement

- Styling

- Project management




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